Friends are an integral part of our life. As said by John Donne “No man is an island”. We may possess the potentials to survive on the resources we have, but there comes a time when we need someone we can rely on and share our thoughts and achievements with. Need for a person who is willing to selflessly support us, celebrate our successes and divide our sorrows, point out our faults and appreciate our good deeds. At the beginning parents and classmates are the ones in that place and we need not look for anyone. But as we progress we need people around us whom we can take for granted. That does not anyway mean that we should have a bunch of them even one or two would do.
                         It may be the case that we do have friends but due to some circumstances we get miles apart both geographically as well as mentally. At such a time we need to begin afresh and befriend new people or revive our old relations.

                         While the initial moment of contact can be a difficult hurdle to get past. Although friendship isn't a science and steps won't guarantee success, they should help .Try to relate to the experience of hanging out at a favorite place of that person .this makes the person to notice us, talk to us, and, ultimately, spend time with us! The important thing is that both should care enough about developing a friendship. We should try to share experiences .Talk about work, hobbies, and life, and visit places together. Watch some television shows and play some games together, as well as exchange reading material that we find of interest.

                         We can share the highs and lows of our lives with each other. The more we share, the more comfortable we become with one another and the closer we become as friends. Of course, there are also many other things a person can do to be a friend. One can be there for a friend in need. One can also do nice things for a friend. Comparing friendships to flowers is a good analogy. One can water a seed and give it sunshine but, even if a plant develops, one can't stop caring for it or else it'll start to die.



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