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Foods to Make Your Semen Taste Sweeter

semen-taste-982663_640Sex and intimacy is one of the main activities that have been proved to bond and strengthen a relationship between couples. Sexual moves on the other hand have also been diversified all in the course of exploring and enjoying themselves in the heat of the moment. Oral sex is one of the bold moves that have been boldly embraced by both genders to give their partners the sexual pleasure that they desire.

Giving head and blow job are the terms used when a lady partakes in oral sex which will lead to the partner ejaculating and releasing his semen into her mouth. The taste of semen has basically been said to be warm and salty. However, some ladies say that their man’s semen taste was excessively salty or bitter which turns out to be a turn off for them. To better the taste of your semen and to make it sweeter is as simple as eating clean which can turn out to be the best gift you would give to your partner during oral sex. Well, here are some of the foods to make your semen sweeter.

· Take lots of water

Doctors and nutritionist recommend that eight to ten glasses of water to be taken daily. This will not only help in removing toxins from your body and improving the skin’s appearance but will also make your semen taste better. Seminal fluids are composed of many components such as protein, vitamins, fructose, minerals, nutrients but water make the highest component in percentage. Therefore, an increase in water intake will also increase the volume of semen ejaculation amount making oral sex more enjoyable.

· Vegetables

It has been said that semen from vegetarians tastes better. Take lots of vegetables such as spinach and kales to have sweet tasting semen.

· Pineapples

Pineapples are sweet fruits which add nutritional value to our bodies. They can go further in giving your semen not only a sweet taste but also makes it smell nice. This should be a reason to always incorporate pineapple juice and fruits as a part of your diet.

· Cinnamon

Apart from the high medicinal value in cinnamon such as healing diseases such as acne and arthritis, frequent intake of cinnamon also makes your semen taste sweeter.

· Lemon and other citric fruits

Citric fruits such as lemons, tangerines and oranges help in giving the skin a vibrant look from their vitamin C component. The fruits goodness however doesn’t stop there but goes further in giving your semen a good taste.

· Natural sugars

Fruits such as cranberries, blue berries, kiwi fruit and plums comprise of natural sugars and fructose which is then used by the body in making semen. The sweet tastes derived from these fruits are passed onto ones semen making it taste sweeter.

· Parsley and peppermint

These are natural herbs majorly used as foods and drinks spices. Their incorporation in your food and diet will give your semen an appealing taste that your girl will always yearn for its taste.

Clean eating will lead to clean releases. As you take the above foods, some of the foods that need to be avoided which will corrupt your target are such as:

· Caffeine.

· Alcohol, cigarettes and other illegal drugs.

· Red meat.

· Foods high in sulfur content such as broccoli, asparagus, cabbages and cauliflower.

· Foul smell foods and spices such as garlic.

· Junk foods such as burgers and pizza.

Orange Peel Skin, Scourge of Butts Everywhere

girl-1211436_640It’s no secret that when we want to feel good about ourselves, one of the best strategies is to start eating better and to hit the gym. Fortunately, the two parts to this go hand in hand. Eating a healthier diet will naturally make you feel more energetic, while working out helps to generate a healthy appetite. While it may not be ‘easy’ to lose weight and get fit, we at least know roughly what we are supposed to do.

But this common strategy only goes so far when it comes towards improving body image. You can certainly carve out a firm, toned physique with enough effort. But there is one area in which the best diet and exercise regime in the world can still fail to produce results. In fact, this problem can be so tricky to treat that it is in effect a great leveler, being as it afflicts both supermodels and couch potatoes alike. This universal problem is orange peel skin, also known as cellulite.

The truth of it is that cellulite is as much an issue of aging as one of fat. As we age, the quality of the skin changes. Water and collagen are lost, along with the strength and structure of the skin. A host of factors including muscle loss and localized pockets of fat all conspire and the result is that we see the fat bulging through the skin in an uneven way. This gives rise to a dimpled appearance which can affect the skin on your thighs, your butt and even your stomach.

However, while aging exacerbates this condition, it’s presence is not restricted to the older demographic. Cellulite can even appear on children if there is enough fat. While the dimpled skin is usually of no concern beyond its cosmetic effect, sometimes it can actually be dangerous. On a child it can signal obesity and in rare cases it can become infected. Far more common, however, is to see this dimpled effect on the abdomen or trunk. This is not good news, and may be a sign that levels of sugar in the blood or stress hormones like cortisol are far too high.

Yet for all its possible dangers, most of the time we just don’t want to see that dreaded orange peel skin poking out from underneath our gym shorts, as it is simply unsightly. In fact, the harder you have been working out to stay get or stay in shape, the more frustrating and taunting it is. For that reason alone, for most of us, it is worth getting rid of.

How To Increase Your Sperm Count Naturally

sperium-319806_640Sperm count is one of the most important factors that determines the fertility of a man. In the current world, it has been observed that male fertility has declined at a high rate and the primary cause is the poor dietary habit and unhealthy lifestyle. Although some of the signs and symptoms of sperm count fertility can easily be recognized from home, it is a subject many men shy away from and have no the courage to visit the doctor. This article will enlighten you on some of the causes and how you can boost your sperm count naturally.

Before we go through various ways of improving your sperm count, some of the factors that affect male fertility includes:

  1. Excessive alcohol and smoking. These will not only affect your sperm health but will also lead to erectile dysfunction or impotence.
  2. Some drugs such as those used to treat depression and cancer might affect your sperm health.
  3. Urinary tract infection.
  4. Sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. Hormone imbalance or the decline of testosterone levels.

Having known various causes of the problem, here are important ways to improve your sperm count using natural method which includes:

  • Proper Dietary

It is important to know that what you eat will not only improve your overall health but will also maintain your sexual health and potency. Make sure you avoid junk food and take food that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Magnesium, selenium and zinc are some of the essential minerals required for semen production and health of sperm. People tend to avoid a lot of fat in their body, but it is high time you know that not all fat is bad. Your body requires essential fat like Omega 3 which is used in the production of Testosterone. This is a hormone used to control sexual and reproductive health of a man. Make sure you drink a lot of water since it helps in the production of semen which increases the concentration of your sperms.

  • Reduce Stress

Stress and depression will affect your mental state, and your body stops acting in isolation. Stress also lowers the libido of a man and in acute cases leads to erectile dysfunction which results to low sperm count. It is important to find some of the relaxing techniques such as yoga and deep breathing exercises which increase both blood circulation in the penis and testes and also increase testosterone production.

  • Avoid Tight Underpants

Tight underpants does not affect the erection but can result in a serious problem as far as sperm health and count is concerned. This is because the increases the temperature in your testicles which affects semen production and sperm health.

  • Avoid Hot Baths

Hot water heats your testicles and increases temperature which affects semen volume and health of the sperms.

  • Stop Smoking and Alcohol

As far as sperm count is concerned, nicotine is the most significant deterrent known and is also likely to damage the sperm. In addition to that, it restricts blood flow to the penis and thus resulting in erectile dysfunction. Alcohol, on the other hand, has the similar effects.


The above natural semen enhancers provide your body with vitamins, nutrients and minerals required in production or more semen and thus increase your sperm count(Read this article for more info–>> It is always advisable to consult the doctor whenever you encounter a serious problem.

Know your Girl Better and Weave a Blissful Life Forever

get a friendCan you say that you are your lady love’s 3AM friend? Can you boast that you know her moods, her expectations, her likes, her dislikes and everything about her? Though many superficially lift up their collars and say yes to this question, they will find difficulty to answer ten questions at a stretch about their girlfriend. Does this means that you must sought out to advice or start looking for tips to know her better? No, not at all. To explore and understand a woman, all you need to do is to start thinking like her. Put yourself in her shoes and see what she sees with her eyes. This might be similar to character transfiguration but it is the only way to understand your girl better and make your love grow stronger. So how does one do that? Here are few ways of trying to get close to your girlfriend’s brain without intimidating her.

Cues for better understanding

Your girlfriend might look simple and straight forward from outside. But in reality she might be a crystal maze. So to know and understand her better, you must:

  • Read between lines- What a girl says and what she does are poles apart. Hence always try and read between lines if you want a clear and better perspective of her thoughts and actions. This will unravel most of the character traits of the woman you date. So always keep your antennae ready to receive signals.
  • Reason out- At times, rather than nodding your head to every suggestion your girl puts forward, try and reason out. This might as well tell you how futuristic or current your girl’s thoughts are.
  • Romantic dates- There are various ways to get romantic with your girl. Take her for a romantic date and get her conversing with you about her worst fears or doubts which will explore how much she trusts you. For example if she can ask you about effective tips to get a bigger and thicker dick fast without pills, then she might open up and discuss about any topic without any apprehension which is very good for your relationship.
  • Spend more time-Many a times, distance and time could be the factor primarily causing drift between relationships. Hence spend more time with your loved one and try to know her better. Many a times, staying with each other through the thick and thins can bring people close emotionally which is a sign of a matured relationship.

These could be simple techniques to understand what makes your girl. This also could be a best way to check out compatibility issues before proceeding for the next big step in life-marriage. When you learn more about the girl you are in a relationship, you tend to easily understand where it is heading to. Thus to know her better, all you have to do is to observe her, try and understand her ulterior thought process and also make her have faith in you so that she can express her true self to you which makes you both grow closer and fonder of each other building an unbreakable bond till eternity!

Tips on How to Get a Good Friend

woman-888389_640As easy as it may sound, making friends is a major concern to a good number of people. Are you one of those who are troubled or are not sure of how new friends are made? If your answer is yes, then you need to read through this article. If your answer if no, you also need to read through this so as to avoid some of the common mistakes people make during friend-making.

A friend is a person with whom you have common interests and are close with, for instance you can share some private information with. Below are tips that will help you to make new friends who are good for you.

Tips on How to Get a New Friend

  • You need to spend more of your time around people. However, you should be careful not to be seen as mean or rude by potential friends. You should endeavor to be nice and friendly while around the people.
  • Look to join a club or any other organization which has people with interests common with your own. Attending physical meetings of such people gives you a chance to befriend local people while social media like Facebook and Twitter help you befriend people who reside further.
  • Joining a sports team will also help you meet a good number of potential friends. You do not have to be good in a sport for you to join the team.
  • Volunteering in community activities is a great way in which you can meet various people of you age. Working together with people builds your bonds with them. In this way, you might also meet people who you share some passions with.
  • Learn to make eye contact and smile at potential friends. You should always look lively and friendly for people who are potential friends to be willing to talk to you.
  • You increase your chances of making a friend by talking to people especially those you go to same school, church or club with.
  • You should be ready to start conversations. The best way to this is by commenting about the immediate environment, weather or event.
  • Listen seventy percent and only talk thirty percent. This helps you to learn much faster about your potential friends.
  • Introduce yourself at the end of the conversation and your potential friend will typically introduce themselves.
  • You should learn common interests between you and your potential friend and pursue the interests.
  • To make friends much faster, initiate get together events which can be in form of parties, meetings or sporting events.
  • For you to get a better opportunity to talk to and learn about your new friends – ask them out for lunch or coffee.

Fingering a Girl to Make Her Squirt

how to be better in bedWhile some women do not have any idea on how to attain orgasm, some others require just a little nudging for them to attain orgasmic heights. It is easy to assume that all women are capable of attaining such heights sexual pleasure. However, many other women unfortunately do not subscribe to this school of thought. The first thing that you therefore have to do for such women is to make them have an open mind to the notion of ejaculation. If you find a woman who s in tune with herself sexually and is willing to allow you play with her vagina until she ejaculate, then you have to know the ultimate secrets to squirting. Your hands and your fingers are much more versatile when it comes to giving women orgasm. The following are effective tips on fingering a girl to make her squirt so that she becomes obsessed with you.

The first step here is the preparation step. It is a fact that sex does not start in the bed room. Neither does it even start with foreplay. Even before you meet the girl, you have to get prepared yourself. When it comes to fingering a girl, you fingers together with your fingernails should be ready. By this, I mean that your finger nails should be well groomed. After doing so, you have to get a nail clipper and a good nail file. This will then render you ready to meet your girl.

The second step is to make the girl wet. For women, fingering brings about intimacy. It is even more intimate than intercourse. There are two reasons as to why you should make your girl wet. You only have a touch at the women’s private parts to give them orgasm and not to arouse them. It s however a bad idea to use vaginal stimulation; which include fingering before building the arousal in the girl. The second reason for her to be wet before fingering is that you will be using her wetness as lubrication.

The third step for you to know is how to enter. The best time to touch a woman’s vagina is when she is almost begging for you to do it. You however have to continue teasing he even after stimulating her vagina. You do not have to put your fingers inside yet, you have to begin with her inner thighs and pussy lips because women love to be teased and they love to wait. You then slowly enter one wet finger on her. You first begin with one finger before adding one or two more. In case you would like to turn your fingers around, you have to pull them partly out before doing so.

The last step you have to do is to stimulate the right areas. Poking your finger in and out would not do much for your partner. A woman gets orgasm not because of friction but because sensitive areas are stimulated in a rhythmic motion. There are two areas where finger stimulation is effective for producing orgasm. These include the g-spot and the deep-spot.

Tips On How To Get A Boyfriend

how to get a boyfriendMany people are born with the natural ability to attract a guy with nothing more than a smile. For most of us attracting men is not that easy. It may seem hard figuring out how to get a boyfriend, but with a few easy tips you will soon be the object of every man’s attention.

Make a Good Impression

One of the best tips that I can give you is to take care of yourself. The first thing that most people notice at first meeting is how someone looks. If you have a clean and neat appearance you are more likely to attract someone. It is hard to get past a horrific exterior.

How you look says a lot for who you are. A guy will notice your appearance way before he gets to know you. Keep yourself clean and make sure you wear nice clothes. You will attract his attention more just by making yourself completely irresistible.

Keeping fit is another good tip for meeting the man of your dreams. Getting plenty of exercise and eating all of the right foods will ensure that you are physically appealing to any man. An added benefit to eating right is that your hair will shine and your skin will glow.

Be Approachable

When learning how to get a boyfriend you will need to realize the importance of a friendly attitude. No guy wants to come up and talk to someone who is rude and hateful to those around them.

If you do catch the eye of a very shy man you may have to make the first move. That’s alright, just slowly make you way over to him and let him see what a friendly and outgoing person you can be.

Be Attentive to Him

When you first get to know him pay close attention to the things that he says he likes, or shows interest in. Then find out as much as you can about those things.

Having a common ground will give you a place to develop a relationship with that special guy. You can even take him on a date to his favorite sports bar under the pretense that you like it too.

Get Close to Him

The best way to develop a relationship with someone is to get close to them first. Start by just hanging out with him and before you know it the sparks will fly.

Whatever you do take it slow. If a guy thinks for one minute that they are feeling the pressure to get into a serious relationship. Sneak into a relationship with him by being his friend. Chemistry will take over from there.

You will probably make lots of mistakes when learning how to get a boyfriend. If you slowly integrate yourself into his life by becoming his friend it won’t be long before he is thinking of you as so much more.